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BCHE High Schoolers, this special event is just for you!

The purpose of BCHE Prom is to provide a God-honoring, memory-making, friendship-building opportunity for our current homeschooled high school members. 

Each year, BCHE holds a big, fabulous formal dinner and dance for our high school aged members. This is an opportunity for our awesome group of high schoolers, who have been serving, socializing, and learning together all year, to enjoy a night of celebration--always SO MUCH FUN!

All attendees must be homeschooled members of BCHE, and between the ages of 14-19 --there are circumstances that allow guests; see Prom event page for details. The dress code and the music selection (submitted by students) reflect the Christian nature of our organization. Music will include country, classic rock, Christian, techno, pop, and most everything in between.  We choose a different theme each year, and ticket price includes full formal meal, dancing, dance classes prior to the event, and a night of fun and prizes. Log in for more information, or to register. Email info@bched.com with questions not answered on the website. Click the image the left, check the calendar, or the registration page under the Events tab on the member site.

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