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Monday Co-op Public Information

Want to be a Monday Co-Op Teacher, or fill another Teacher/Coach/Staff position? Email with questions or to find out what positions might be open!

All teachers, coaches, and staff agree to honor our Statement of Faith, honor biblically traditional beliefs regarding marriage/sexuality/gender, and agree to operate under the guidelines that pertain to specific activities and programs.

BCHE Statement of Faith

Monday Co-Op Teacher Application

BCHE Coach/Staff Application

This Co-Op provides a once-per-week opportunity for group learning. We meet for TWELVE weeks in the Fall and TWELVE weeks in the Spring. For safety, locations and dates are only available to registered members.

These are drop-off classes, and students may register for as many or as few as you like. Students are expected to take classes seriously; respect all teachers, staff, and each other; all teachers, students, and parents at co-op are expected to honor the BCHE dress and behavior code. All children present must be in a class or in study hall at all times--students are not allowed to wander the halls or use parts of the building in which we are not authorized to be.

Multiple class options are available for ages 4-19. Classes run from 9:00am to 4:00/5:00pm.

All teachers undergo a background check.

Childcare may be provided for teacher children (who are too young for classes) ONLY, during that teacher's class, by teacher request.

ALL STUDENTS (returning and new) must pay the semester fee, using the registration link. This is a per student, per semester fee, NOT a per class fee. Class fees are added to student registration, depending on class choices of each family. Total cost will be semester registration fee per student plus class fees for chosen classes. If there is need, Co-Op fees may be made in three installments--email for consideration of delayed payment.

Participation in Monday Co-Op includes a per semester volunteer requirement, which is in addition to the general service requirement that is part of Standard BCHE membership. There is also an opt-out option for Monday Co-Op service.

Monday Co-Op Member Registration

(not currently available)

Are you a current member? Click for class schedule, descriptions, and registration!

Here's a partial list of classes that were offered during 2021-2022, as a sample of what may be offered.

Young Elementary

Earth Science

Crafty Math



Fun & Fitness

Children Around the World

Book Lovers (FIAR)

SOTW Ancient History

Global Art

Older Elementary

Story of the World - Modern History

IEW Fables, Myths, and Fairy Tales

Fairy & Folk Tales through History (lit)

Beginning Music

Drama I

Think Like a Scientist

Around the World in 24 Weeks!

Mimicking the Masters

Intro to Chemistry & Physics

Middle School

IEW History of the Modern World

STEM Science Exploration

Texas History

MORE Adventures in Literature

World Mysteries

Beginning Choir

Drama II

Duct Tape Creations

Beginning Crochet

History Hunt

Herb Study & Practice

High School

 US History
 Intro to Psychology
 IEW Essays
 Health for the Whole Person
 World Geography & Cultures
 The Book Was Better!
 Chemistry w/labs
 Intro to Archeology
 Biology w/labs
 IEW SpeechDrama III
Personal Finance
 IEW How to Write a Story

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