Field Trip Guidelines

Activities, events, and field trips are a great benefit to our BCHE members. They are sometimes the public's first introduction to homeschooled families. That being the case, we expect that while attending a BCHE-sponsored event, each member and their family members will show respect to the Field Trip Coordinator, our host, other BCHE families, and all others.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

1) RSVP is required for many activities. A lot of events have a limited capacity; therefore, we need to know the total number of attendees. Details for saving your spot will be included in each event/activity description. You will either receive a confirmation that you have a spot, or notification that you have been placed on a waiting list. Please let the coordinator know if your plans change and you are unable to attend so that the next person on the list can be notified.

2) Please read the details of each event carefully! There are reasons behind the special requests and instructions. If rules are disregarded, the field trip coordinator/BCHE rep will remind you of and ask you to follow the event guidelines. Those who do not respect event guidelines may be asked to leave.

3) Our hosts have generously opened their businesses to us. We want to be a blessing to them, so that when we leave, they look forward to having us return. The goal of our field trips is to learn. As home school parents, we understand that listening is the key to learning. If the event coordinator sees a child or parent showing disrespect to our host or others, they are obligated to intervene. Anyone who continues in this behavior may be asked to leave. Consistent failure to show respect to hosts will affect whether you are allowed to continue participating in our field trips and activities.

4) Field trips have a start time. If you plan to attend, please do your best to show up on time. We will not make our host wait on us. If you are late, you very well may be left out.

5) Our coordinators don’t like to correct anyone. Please show them courtesy by not arguing if they are forced to say something to someone who is being disrespectful of facility/activity rules. If you feel like you have been wronged, then a board member will be happy to help you resolve the conflict.

6) Unless an event/activity is advertised as public, then BCHE-sponsored activities are member-exclusive. Your current membership applies to your immediate family only, who live with you in your home. Friends, extended family, or children for whom you provide childcare are not included in your membership. If you care for other children and would like for them to attend some events with your family, please email for membership options.

7) Details and calendar information is not to be shared, or posted on any social media site, with the exception of the BCHE current year Facebook page. Failure to respect this policy could result in loss of membership.

Do you have an idea for an activity or field trip? Email to help make it happen!

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