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Do you have a senior who is planning to participate in the 2025 Graduation Ceremony? This is the place to register!

Each year, BCHE hosts a graduation ceremony, senior-only activities, and a grad trip for current member graduating students who wish to participate. We try to go out of our way to make the event as special for grads, parents, and friends/family as possible. Our goal is take care of all the little details, the set-up, the clean-up, etc, so that both graduates and parents can just enjoy the day and focus on making memories with loved ones!


             Standard Registration runs through October 1, 2024.

              Late Registration runs through November 1, 2024.

                      Participation after the late deadline is determined on a case-by-case basis.

We are so excited to help create a wonderful celebration of your grad's accomplishments, and your success as homeschool parents! BCHE Board, Staff, and Volunteers work hard to take care of as many details as possible so that you can just focus on making great memories with family and friends!

BCHE handles the venue, the reception and catering, the ceremony programs, the speaker, the group photography and individual photography for the programs and group videos, the yearbook pages, organization of senior-only activities, and planning and execution of the grad trip opportunity! If you choose, we can provide a custom diploma, too! Grad families are responsible for their grad table decoration, their individual grad ceremony videos, their program bios, and grad trip expenses if their grad chooses to participate--grads will receive a trip application with their program registration packet.

As a group, we fundraise to help cover expenses for grads who go on our grad trip. Grads are encouraged to participate in as many of the grad-only activities as possible so they can get to know each other and enhance their grad experience. BCHE staff, admin, and board members, with occasional help from a couple of parent volunteers, host/chaperone activities and trip. All are background-checked and work to become familiar with grads before we travel.

Ready to sign up your homeschool grad? Join BCHE now so you can register for the Grad Program (and other BCHE activities/programs). Have a specific question about the Grad Program? Email and we'll do our best to answer as quickly as possible!

REMINDER: As a homeschooler in Texas, you are not required to participate in any formal ceremony or program in order to graduate your own student from your own homeschool. Texas recognizes each homeschool as a private school. Homeschool families have the right to commemorate (or not) their grad's completion of studies however they see fit. We hope you choose to celebrate with us in our formal ceremony, but want to make it clear for those who might be new to homeschooling that participation in any formal program or ceremony is completely optional in Texas.

If you're already a part of BCHE, click below for details on our first Grad Program meeting (July 2024) or to register as a Grad Program participant for 2025!

Grad Program 2025 Registration

If you KNOW your senior will be participating in the Grad Program, sign up so your grad has access to activities, group communication, and ceremony/trip voting opportunities!

Grad Program 2025 Info Meeting

This meeting is for members who have already registered for the Grad Program, and members who are seeking info before making the decision.

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