Each year, BCHE holds a big, fabulous formal dinner and dance for our high school aged members. This is an opportunity for our awesome group of high schoolers, who have been serving, socializing, and learning together all year, to enjoy a night of celebration--always SO MUCH FUN!

All attendees must be currently homeschooled members of BCHE, and between the ages of 14-19. The dress code and the music selection (submitted by students and vetted by organizers) reflect the Christian nature of our organization. We choose a different theme each year, and ticket price includes full formal meal, dancing, dance classes prior to the event, and a night of fun and prizes. Log in for more information, or to register. Email with questions not answered on the website.

                                       Registration deadline is April 20, 2017.

This year's prom theme is Medieval Masquerade. This is gonna be fun!

Dressing according to prom theme is fun, but never required. Remember that the event is FORMAL first, and medieval second, and all attendees must respect the dress code. Both parents and students should be familiar with the dress code to avoid any last minute wardrobe changes!


  • This is a formal event. A tuxedo is appropriate. Gentlemen are required to wear either a tuxedo or a formal suit. Remember that the event is formal first, and themed second--this is not a halloween costume party!
  • As is standard, gentlemen should remain in full dress until after dinner, and may then remove tuxedo/suit jackets for dancing.
  • Tuxedo/Formal Suit pants are required--no jeans, athletic pants, etc.
  • Remember that there's no such thing as a short-sleeved dress shirt.
  • Necktie/bowtie/cravat must be worn for the duration of the evening.
  • Dress shoes must be worn--no athletic shoes, flip flops, bare feet, etc.
  • No offensive slogans, symbols, words, etc will be tolerated.

  • This is a formal event. A floor length evening formal is appropriate, but gown length may vary between just above the knee to the floor. Ladies, be sure that the dress does not rise too high when you're dancing with your arms in the air! Remember that the event is FORMAL first, and themed second--keep it classy.
  • Dresses may not be strapless or spaghetti-strapped, unless accompanied by some sort of shoulder covering (that stays on the shoulders for the duration of the evening). Straps wider than one inch are fine. Dress hems should be no shorter than an inch or two above the knee, all the way around.
  • Two piece dresses are allowed, providing the midriff stays completely covered, even with arms raised.
  • Dresses are not to have plunging necklines, be backless, or be super tight. When choosing a dress, remember that your Godly inner beauty is the most important thing you want others to notice.
  • Dress shoes must be worn--no athletic shoes, flip flops, bare feet, etc.
  • No offensive slogans, symbols, words, etc will be tolerated.

Your prom ticket purchase includes dance classes preceding the event--this is a great way to learn some dance steps and get more comfortable on the dance floor, so all you have to focus on for the big night is having fun! This year, there will be five classes offered--students may attend any, all, or none--there is no change in ticket price. Both basic and specialized dances will be taught--we'll cover waltzing, two-stepping, line dancing, popular group dances, and some dances created just for this event!

Let's eat! Prom attendees will enjoy some delicious food, from tasty appetizers, to gourmet entrees, to fancy desserts.

For Medieval Masquerade, a wonderful medieval-ish FEAST is being prepared. Students will be able to choose from roasted meats and vegetables, fresh artisan breads, fruits, nuts, and cheeses...followed by sweets and a marvelous cake. Those with food allergies should indicate such in the designated place on the registration form.

We will have a professional photographer taking group, individual, and candid shots, but students are welcome to take photos of their own. Remember your etiquette, though--no cell phones on the table during dinner. Photos will be made available to prom attendees following the event.

This is a formal event, and students are expected to dress up their manners to suit the occasion. If necessary, take the time to brush up on your etiquette! We will touch on some basic topics during the dance classes.

                                         2017 Prom Registration

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