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How does it work?

BCHE is a homeschool community that offers LOTS of programs, events, and activities. Families shouldn't join for one specific program--it's not set up to work well that way. Home school families should join the community for fellowship and fun within a Christian community, and for access to ALL the programs offered.  


  1. Choose your preferred membership option BELOW and join BCHE!
  2. Complete the 'Next Steps' emailed to you after joining (pick up BCHE card, activate service hub, etc).
  3. Check out the Member Calendar, Programs/Activities tab, and member emails to decide what best suits your family. Read all policies and guidelines ahead of time so you can ask questions, if needed.
  4. Register for your preferred programs. Activities and Events are added throughout the year, so be sure to check the member calendar frequently. Jump right in and join the fun!
  5. Choose and complete your Standard Membership service from the service hub (unless you selected Non-Volunteer service at joining) before the end of the member year.
  6. During the year, make sure you complete any program-specific service (unless you opted-out when registering for that specific program).    

 2024-2025 MEMBERSHIP options:

Annual memberships run from June 1st of one year through May 31st of the next year. Once you select and purchase your preferred membership option, and your application is approved, you will receive your "Next Steps" email--after you check off those next steps, your membership set up will be complete and you'll be able to access member site and calendar pages, and register for programs, events, and activities.

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    Memberships always expire on May 31st, regardless of when you join, with the exception of FIRST TIME members joining after April 1st: their membership will be extended through the following May 31st. Some of our events are open to the the public, but most require membership and some require extra supply/activity cost.

    Families who ALSO have public/private school kids are welcome to bring them along for non-age specific FAMILY events requiring parents to stay (i.e. campout, skate & bowl, field day), however our age-specific sports/events/classes are for homeschooled students, only. Public school students would not be able to participate in sports (except family field day), classes, teen nights, etc, unless it is designated as a "Family Activity" which parents are required to attend.

    If you are care-giver for a child not your own and would like for them to attend events with you, that child's parents must join BCHE and register that child to attend activities, for legal and insurance reasons. Please email for details.

    EXPIRED 2023/2024 Membership Options

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