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Why Choose BCHE?

There are many local resources available to non-members, such as Friday School, Tiny School, Thursday Co-op, Classical Conversations, StudioOne, and many Facebook social groups. So, what’s different about BCHE?

BCHE has been serving the homeschool community in the area for over 25 years, providing support, enrichment opportunities, and networking, and we have worked hard to foster an excellent reputation with other local businesses and organizations. BCHE actively advocates and builds relationships within Abilene and the greater Texas homeschool community to encourage a supportive and positive opinion toward homeschooling.

BCHE is great for socialization! We believe that families will meet and make friends at member events, so that they can then organize their own private play/social meet ups, but, our main focus is on providing access to enrichment that is harder for families or small groups to organize on their own, such as academic fairs and competitions, National Honor Society, Graduation Ceremony, Middle School Banquet, Prom, etc. 

BCHE membership perks like the Grace Art Classes are free to members but would cost more to pay for out-of-pocket than BCHE annual fees.

BCHE provides help. Regardless of the reason you chose to home school, the need for walking with others who have common ideas is important to reach any goal in life. That is why BCHE strives to offer many opportunities for our members to work with others and find resources that will help them on their journey.

BCHE provides privacy. As a 501(c)(4), we are never required to share our membership data. Our calendar and most events are kept private and information about member only events is never shared or posted on public social media. This provides both privacy and safety for our kiddos.

BCHE is conducted with conservative values and respect for our heritage as Americans. 

We are passionate about providing support. Feel free to contact any board member with questions or for info about our monthly mentoring meeting.

For for information, contact us at

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