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BCHE Academy Public Information

Haven't joined BCHE, yet? General info is below, but you'll need to select your membership option and join before you can access member site pages, member calendar, or program/activity registration. BCHE Academy is just ONE of our programs--click HERE to find out more about membership so you can participate in ALL our programs and activities!

Want to be a BCHE Academy Teacher, or fill another Teacher/Coach/Staff position? Email with questions or to find out what positions might be open!

All teachers, coaches, and staff agree to honor our Statement of Faith, honor biblically traditional beliefs regarding marriage/sexuality/gender, and agree to operate under the guidelines that pertain to specific activities and programs.

BCHE Statement of Faith

BCHE Academy Teacher Application

BCHE Coach/Staff Application

BCHE Academy provides a once-per-week (sometimes twice.week) opportunity for group learning. We meet for TWELVE weeks in the Fall and TWELVE weeks in the Spring. For safety, locations and dates are only available to registered members.

These are drop-off classes, and are intended for students who are ready to be independent of parents/guardians for the duration of chosen classes. You may register children for as many or as few classes as you like. Students are expected to take classes seriously; respect all teachers, staff, and each other; all teachers, students, and parents at Academy are expected to honor the BCHE dress and behavior code. All children present must be in a class or in study hall at all times--students are not allowed to wander the halls or use parts of the building in which we are not authorized to be.

Multiple class options are available for ages 4-19. Classes run from 9:00am to 4:00/5:00pm.

All teachers undergo a background check.

Childcare may be provided for teacher children (who are too young for classes) ONLY, during that teacher's class, by teacher request.

ALL STUDENTS (returning and new) must pay the semester fee, using the registration link. This is a per student, per semester fee, NOT a per class fee. Class fees are added to student registration, depending on class choices of each family. Total cost will be semester registration fee per student plus class fees for chosen classes. If there is need, Co-Op fees may be made in three installments--email for consideration of delayed payment.

Participation in BCHE Academy includes a per semester volunteer requirement, which is in addition to the general service requirement that is part of Standard Membership (if selected at joining). There is also an opt-out option for Academy service.

BCHE Academy Classes Goal & Purpose

~ Provide an opportunity for home educated students
          • to experience group learning and group projects that enhance each family's personal homeschool
          • practice meeting deadlines and expectations from someone outside the home
          • practice taking personal responsibility for actions and assignments
          • chance to learn and practice time management skills
~ Provide opportunity for visible growth and enhancement of social, academic, and life skills—participation should result in blessed, enriched students!
~ Strive to provide a Christian atmosphere where students can see and hear teachers, staff, and other students striving to speak truth and honor God in their words, actions, and attitudes
~ Provide the opportunity for community celebrations, challenges, and encouragement

Here's a partial list of classes that may be offered at BCHE Academy for 2024/2025.

Please note that classes may change, and final class options will depend on member preferences. There is no guarantee that these specific classes will make.

Class Fee Info

There is a Student Registration Fee (usually $40-$45) that is paid per semester. Class fees are paid one time, at registration. Year-long class fees and fall-only semester class fees are paid at fall registration; spring-only semester class fees are paid at spring registration.

Class Fees (typical, but subject to change)

Classes range in price from $115/year to $250/year, depending on grade level, frequency, supply needs, and textbooks. All textbooks provided by BCHE and included in the class fee--some books are checked out for the year and others are yours to keep. Some classes may have extra costs: Art (supply fee), Chemistry (lab fee), and Drama classes (production fee).

Beginning Learners

Move it!

Living Alphabet

Story Discovery

Young Elementary

Move it!

Timeless Tales

Random Acts of Science

Ancient History Explorer

God's Marvelous Machine


Older Elementary

Full STEAM Ahead!


Folktales & Fairytales

Amazing Anatomy

Intro to Chemistry & Physics

American Sign Language

Fun & Fitness

Drama I

Divide & Conquer

Knight, Samurai, and Viking...Oh, yes!

Middle School

Escape to Narnia


Science: People & Concepts You Need to Know

Math Mastery/Pre-Algebra

Algebra I

Drama II

U.S. History Writing (IEW)

Grammar Mastery

Medieval Kingdom Explorer

Intro to Astronomy


Programming II

High School

 Apparel/Accessory Sewing
 Algebra II
 Human Anatomy & Nutrition
 History & Impact of Computing
Intro to Forensic Science
 American Sign Language
 Chemistry w/labs
 Conceptual Physics
 The Inklings
YearbookDrama III

WWII History

Do Ordain & Establish


BCHE Academy Registration

(for current members)

Are you a current member? Click for class schedule, descriptions, and registration! (when available)

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